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Jessica Robertson


Modo Yoga Co-Founder Jess Robertson created the Six Pillars. She also co-created Modo Yoga in 2004, along with Ted Grand and Natalia Brajak.

In addition to thousands of hours in yoga study, Jess’ academic studies focused on the history and anthropology of medicine, with post grad study in Buddhism.  Jess spent six years in the non-profit sector for both Amnesty International and Earth Save.

Jess teaches at all Modo Yoga Level 1 teacher trainings, and leads workshops on Breathwork at Modo studios and Yoga festivals.  She also writes about Yoga and Wellness, writes songs for yoga and sleeping, and enjoys a good yoga shvitz as much as the next Modi!

Like Maura, Jess is a contender for biggest forehead on the team.  Her minor (non-yogic) addictions include coffee, crispy french fries and black licorice.

Jess lives in an eco-village with her two daughters.