Ashley Keefe

Ashley is a student at heart. Always inquisitive, and driven by curiosity, Ashley enjoys posing questions and celebrating the wisdom that can come from contemplation. It is her passion for learning that brought her to yoga and continues to fuel her practice on a daily basis. As a student, Ashley hopes to continually gain insight into our inner and outer worlds. As a teacher, Ashley hopes to encourage reflection, promote awareness and spread conscious, thoughtful living in her students who can, in turn, become teachers in their own rite. On a personal level, Ashley quickly realized the physical benefits of yoga and it was not long before the mental and emotional benefits became apparent to her. Yoga has helped Ashley overcome an eating disorder early in life, and yogic perspectives continue to help her manage and ease an anxious mind. It was the desire to share her story with others that led Ashley to her first yoga teacher training. Since then she has continued to quench her thirst for knowledge through practice and study and everyday enjoys the beautiful light the yoga community shines on the world.

Ashley is especially grateful to be part of the Modo Yoga family and is inexplicably excited to create a space in which her students can thrive, grow, and be part of a community.