Joy Kolic

I started my personal yoga practice in 2015 as a way to incorporate “stretching” as well as activating the parasympathetic nervous system into my weekly fitness routine. I was looking for a way to slow down in a busy and fast pace life. Quickly my mind and body embraced the yoga practice and I began to feel more grounded and balanced. Yoga became a regular part of my life and I started to crave the practice as I felt my mind shifting and my body opening. MODO yoga Thunder Bay has been a consistent part of my life and I truly love the MODO community.

In January 2020 I took the leap of heading to Nicaragua for 30 days to complete the MODO teacher training. I wanted to deepen my own personal practice; learn the philosophy of a practice that has brought so much compassion, awareness and calmness into my life; and have the capacity to share this practice with others.
My vision as a yoga teacher is to make the practice accessible to all. There are so many benefits to a yoga practice, as someone who works in health care, it is a natural fit for me to want to positively impact the lives of all. My goal as a student/teacher is to embrace curiosity, feel inspired and allow the yoga to meet you wherever you are at…as that is perfect!