Teacher Training Curriculum

There are two components to our 500-hour Level 1 Training - a 1-Month intensive teaching certification course and a 11-month Distance Learning Program (DLP). The training provides a firm foundation in anatomy, yoga philosophy, meditation, and teaching practices.

1-Month Intensive Teacher Training Curriculum (300 Hours)

Reading List

Trainees are expected to read the following books before coming to training. These texts will form the basis for much of the material covered in lectures and will provide trainees with a foundation from which to explore deeper concepts.

Required Reading:

Recommended Reading:

If you have any questions about the list, or have trouble finding certain editions, please email teachertraining@modoyoga.com

Yoga and Meditation Practice

Trainees will take two classes a day, led by co-founders Jess Robertson and Ted Grand, along with other faculty and visiting teachers. These classes give trainees the opportunity to incorporate what they learn in lectures into their own bodies and experience. Trainees will also begin each day with a 15-minute meditation practice, which will introduce the benefits of stillness to the mind and body.

Practice Teaching

There is extensive time dedicated to preparing trainees to teach. Every trainee will lead small groups of their peers through several consecutive postures and will receive feedback. Special attention will be given to hands-on and verbal adjustments, as well as teaching students how to self-adjust. A special workshop will also focus on the use of props.

Teaching Methodology

These lectures cover the “non-yoga” moments that happen before, during and after class. We will also explore voice projection, visualization techniques, and body language. Trainees will learn how to create a supportive environment for new students and how to prepare oneself mentally before teaching a class.

Posture Workshop

In these interactive lectures each posture in the Modo Yoga series is broken down in great detail to explore alignment, modifications, “release valves”, and sequencing. With this knowledge, trainees are equipped to guide safe and effective classes.

Basic Anatomy

These lectures will give trainees an exciting introduction to the larger musculoskeletal and neurological structures and systems of the body. The experience and passion of our anatomy faculty make this topic interesting and fun!

Functional Anatomy

Building on our learning of Basic Anatomy, Functional Anatomy lectures explore the relationship between the structures of the body and how the body moves and functions.

Buddhist/Mindfulness Yoga

Trainees will be introduced to the Buddha’s teachings within the context of the Yoga Tradition. We will learn mindfulness techniques to overcome suffering, heighten awareness and develop skills to increase empathy and understanding.

History & Philosophy of Yoga

We will explore foundational texts in the Yoga Tradition (through our required reading) to learn more about the ancient roots of our practice. Trainees will be introduced to the central themes within these texts and we will discuss their relevance and importance in the modern yoga world.

Business of Yoga

Trainees will learn how to build a sustainable teaching career. Topics include: how to set yourself up as a yoga professional, time management skills, how to grow class and workshop numbers, and self-care practices geared toward avoiding burnout. We will also discuss the process of opening a Modo Yoga studio.


Each trainee will be required to give a 10-minute presentation. Presentation topics will be provided, though trainees can also choose to present on any topic that could benefit the group. This is an opportunity to put public speaking skills into practice in a comfortable environment.

11-month Distance Learning Program (200 Hours)

Program Description

The Distance Learning Program (DLP) begins after the 1-month intensive. This part of the training can be completed anywhere in the world. It gives trainees a chance to integrate what is learned into their own lives. Trainees will receive their 500-Hour Yoga Teacher certificate when all distance learning projects are complete.

Program Structure

The DLP is comprised of monthly projects that focus on bringing yoga off the mat and out into the world. Trainees are required to submit their projects on a monthly basis to their Peer Support Guide (PSG).

Peer Support Guides

PSGs are Modo Yoga teachers who are selected by Modo Yoga International to guide new teachers through the DLP. PSGs will give feedback on every project before approving the trainee to move on to the next one.

Modo's 6 Pillars

6 of the 10 projects are based on our 6 Pillars. These 6 Pillars guide and inspire the entire Modo Yoga community. Trainees will dedicate a project to each Pillar: Be Healthy, Be Accessible, Be Green, Be Community, Live To Learn, and Be Peace.

Other Projects

The remaining 4 projects will focus on practice teaching and other related topics that are all geared toward self awareness and improvement.

Program Completion

In order to continue teaching Modo Yoga beyond one year of your training start date, all DLP projects must be completed and submitted to your PSG.