Navina Thai Massage

Currently, Drew is on retreat in Costa Rica and will be returning around May 2019 for a visit.




What to expect and how to prepare for your massage:

Thai massage is performed fully clothed, without oils and on large padded mats. Every treatment is different and customized based on your needs, requests and your constitution. If you’ve been to Thailand, the way we practice Thai Massage in Toronto will likely be different to your experiences there. For more on Thai massage, please read “About Thai Massage”.

Many postures in Thai massage include passive stretches (where the practitioner moves your body into a stretch), so please be sure to wear clothing that is able to stretch as far as you can (or more) so that these movements won’t be restricted by clothing. No shorts please, even in the warmer months – your body temperature drops during a Thai massage due to its deeply relaxing and meditative nature.

Please arrive 15 minutes early for your treatment to allow adequate time to fill out a health questionnaire and to talk about any areas of tension or movement restriction.

Try to eat at least 1 hour prior to your treatment so that your meal has some time to digest before your session.

After your massage, be sure to hydrate well in order to help your body flush your system – this will ultimately help to enhance and prolong the results of your treatment.



Treatment Length Cost (+HST)
60 minutes $85
90 minutes $115
120 minutes $135
*Appointments longer than 90 minutes are by request only (must be booked directly with your practitioner).
**Special rates apply for yoga instructors and other bodywork practitioners. Contact us for more details.