front door of a yoga studio

Coming Home for a Proper Farewell!

As most of you know, our time in our cherished space at Yonge and St Clair has been drawing to a close over the last couple of years. It has been extremely hard on all of us not to have been able to spend the last year and a half coming together there to breathe and move and connect with ourselves and each other. I feel so sorry for that. The studio closures have been a huge financial burden but even more I’ve found myself sinking into an emotional darkness and place of fear. Normally I would turn to the studio and our beautiful community there in times like this and am so grateful to have had that and to have had the chance to create that space with such a beautiful collection of people to offer to all of you.

For me it has felt like I’m losing one of my babes. As I write this, I realize that the tears are good and am feeling the catharsis of admitting the depth of this loss for me. Those supportive wood floors hold so many memories (and tears) and so much meaning and growth. Fifteen years ago I went from being a stay at home mom of one yummy 6 year old boy to scrambling on the eve of opening the space at 1498 Yonge St for the new home of Moksha Yoga Uptown which would change my life forever. My business partner at the time Natalia, her partner Don and his son Gabe, myself and my son Ross were in the space (that was then only the south side of the 2nd floor) until well past one in the morning preparing for our grand opening. Those sweet little boys didn’t complain propped up in front of the computer watching movies while the adults in a complete frenzy tried to get through the “Opening to-do list “. I recently found that list and had a good laugh that there are still things yet to be completed. Hmmm I think there is a lesson there 😉

Fast forward to ten years ago when the studio was so vibrant that we were bursting at the seams and bravely (maybe not so bravely) took on the risk of retrofitting the whole north side of the 2nd floor (for a total of 7500 sq ft!) to become what we currently know as Modo Yoga Uptown. Another renovation scramble with many tears till the last minute well into the morning on the eve of the new year this time with my two new babies Kate age 1 and Lucy age 2 sleeping like angels on yoga blankets on the floor in the yoga mat drying room and Ross spared the experience at his dad’s. Unfortunately we were not even close to ready with the tile floor yet to be installed. I feel the need again now to thank those of you who showed such support and understanding and came to class having to walk on yoga mats covering steel mesh…tracking drywall dust all the way to the yoga rooms! I can’t believe we did that.

Now as we plan at long last to reopen our doors and come back together in this space, we must also prepare to say goodbye. Our last day at 1498 Yonge St will be Sunday September 5th.   Until recently it had been communicated to me that things were behind schedule and that we could be in the space until January but it has recently been confirmed that the new development will be moving ahead on this earlier target. This news of closing our doors came as we also got the news of finally being able to reopen our doors. In order to cope with my increasing anxiety as our lockdown persisted longer than any of us could have imagined and as I watched such a strong business, community and team be forced to come apart I have had to adjust my expectations and increase my gratitude for any good moment or step. 

Understandably my initial reaction to the news was deep sadness and worry but it quickly turned to gratitude for the opportunity to open our doors for one last party! I am filled with joy to be able to practice and connect with all of you and to say goodbye to this beautiful friend to whom I have given so much and has given me so much in return. With that joyful energy and with a big teary smile on my face and a huge bursting heart, I invite you to come to the studio as much or as little as you can manage between July 26th and September 5th to celebrate with us the space, the community and the memories there. Depending on guidelines I would very much like to host a party on a specific date but will wait to hear what we can do.

This space has been cherished by so many. We have a chance to honour that and to celebrate the multitude of lifelong relationships formed there. I can’t possibly express my gratitude for every single body that has come through the door. And to every person who has been a part of the Uptown team in any capacity whom I have been blessed to know and work alongside, with the utmost sincerity and humility: THANK YOU.

I had wanted to at this point insert a list of everyone that has been a part of the team. After working on this list for a day now on and off drifting down memory lane wavering between laughing my head off and bawling my eyes out in the best possible way and not wanting to forget anyone, I am overwhelmed at all the people who have taught or have had employment ties to Moksha/Modo Uptown. It has also occurred to me that I can’t just name those people, I also would like to name all of the energy exchangers who have contributed to and become our community. It seems an impossible task but I would like to attempt it. This will take a little more time so stay tuned 😉

The future for Modo Uptown, like for so many yoga and fitness studios, is uncertain, however we are still going to fight to keep our “place for all” with open doors. The plan is to offer as much as we can from Modo Yoga St Clair West (934 St Clair Ave W) which I think all of those who have been there will agree it’s a gem of a studio. For now we will also open up the beautiful Modo space at Yonge and Lawrence which I promise you will love! (3215 A Yonge St). It will be a new home for Modo Uptown. And if it feels like the right move to open up another new home for Modo Uptown South of St Clair, the wheels are in motion to do so.

We truly can not wait to see as many of your faces as possible in the coming 6 weeks at Yonge and St Clair and continue to come together at the other studios. I hope that reading my story brought back your own memories there. I would love it if you feel inclined and comfortable to, to please please share those with me. Every experience in that space and the experiences that trickled out of that space into the world is what made the studio so special. You can email directly to me at [email protected]

I would really really love also if time allows to have that little 6 year old boy who painted a message he wanted to share with all of us on the wall behind the mirror in hot room 1, who is now 22 and passionate about photo and videography to capture the memories we will make in the next beautiful 6 weeks. It’s my pleasure to share with you what he painted: PEACE

All my love and see you very soon,