Cara Sky


Cara began her formal yoga training while traveling through Thailand more than 25 years ago. She has practiced a variety of yoga styles including Bikram, Moksha/Modo, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Anusara, & Yin. She became a certified teacher in 2017 under the tutelage of Michael Siddall in Toronto.  Since then, she has continued to take trainings, as well as seeking out new paths for self-study and dedicated practice.

After many years travelling and living abroad, Cara returned to her hometown of Toronto in 2014. The adjustment to such a big move was lessened by her commitment to her practice and the maintenance of that grounding centring presence in her life. Nowadays she chooses to help others find that same calm in the storm through their own yoga path. Join her for a playfully sequenced flow class that will challenge your strength, push your range of mobility, and centre your being.