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Carmelinda Di Manno


Carmelinda comes from a background of culinary, hospitality and event experience. After a long career in event production, with a long time desire to take her passion for yoga to a new level, she left her full time career to pursue teaching yoga.

Carmelinda’s first yoga training was the ‘Modo Yoga Intensive Teacher Training’, a 1 month course in Montreal with a 1 year correspondence component. Following the Modo level 1 training, Carmelinda also completed a vinyasa yoga training, ‘Modo Flow’. In 2013, Carmelinda completed a Vinyasa teacher training with Seane Corn. Carmelinda continually participates in educational workshops and has also been trained to teach ‘Ballet Barre Fitness’. You can find her teaching in many ‘Modo Yoga’ studio’s as well at ‘Harmony Fitness’ or co-facilitating a yoga retreat.

To keep her passion for events alive, Carmelinda created an event called ‘Soul Revival’, Prana Party’s, which she hosts 2 times a year with her partner Stephanie. ‘Soul Revival’ is an event with a concept pioneered by Carmelinda and Stephanie, in which yoga practice is taken into very “unusual” spaces, such as night clubs, art gallery’s and historical sites. The event atmosphere is far from traditional, as it resembles a high energy dance party.

When not teaching, you can find Carmelinda spending quality time with her dog as she is an avid animal lover and volunteer dog walker. As a Lululemon Ambassador, Carmelinda stays very connected to community and lives with passion and a desire to elevate human compassion for all beings.