Kerri Phillips

EE Manager / Teacher

Kerri has been an avid yogi since her teen years taking yoga and BodyFlow at Goodlife Fitness with her mom and sister. After a brief yoga break-up she came back to a frequent yoga practice to challenge the stress she experienced during her undergraduate degree in Dance at York University, making her way to the Modo Uptown community to find a little more peace. After falling in love with Modo Uptown as a diverse and loving community she decided to grow her practice by coming to Teacher Training. Kerri completed her Modo Level 1 Training in Kelowna BC in 2018 and quickly became an Energy Exchange and eventually front desk staff with the studio. With an eye out for mind, body, spirit therapies Kerri added a Reiki Masters Certification to her list. She has since moved on to complete Kids Yoga Teacher Training through Rainbow Kids Yoga (2018), Restorative Teacher Training through Yoga International (2018) and Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training through the New Leaf foundation (2019) and is in active pursuit of a Masters in Dance/Movement Psychotherapy.

Kerri brings her curiosity and open heart into every class she teaches, allowing her students the space to be open themselves. She encourages everyone to approach life and their practice with a child-like freedom to truly express their authentic, moment-to-moment self. Kerri believes in the power of yoga as a mental, spiritual and physical health therapy practice and approaches her students with an acceptance of whatever they bring to the mat today.