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Marla Bond


Marla found her mat in 2003 and quickly noticed the gifts her mat gave freely to her. initially practicing in the streams of Jivamukti and Ashtanga, the discipline and meditative nature of the practice soon became a daily ritual. Marla’s wish, after 20 years of practice, is to extend the experience to others that was afforded to her; honing strength, stillness, agility, and empowerment on the mat, resulting in complete presence in the moment.

Marla completed her 300hr teacher training under the guidance of JP Tamblyn-Sabo. Through the inspiration of JP and her teachers; YuMee Chung, Nicky Poole, Marla Meenakshi Joy (to name a few) she commits to teaching intelligently and showing students how to be intuitive with their own bodies. Marla offers a challenging, accessible practice with an alignment focus. She hopes you will walk off the mat feeling nurtured, grounded, and balanced, with a greater sense of your own innermost truth and peace.