Yara Elarabi

Growing up, I have always longed for a deeper connection to myself and the world around me. I was always captivated by movement, as it allowed me to explore this union between my body, mind and soul (hence why I studied theatre in university). I discovered yoga in my teen years, but it wasn’t until my early 20s that I started to dive deeper into my yoga practice. Yoga has provided me with the connection that I have always longed for. I was able to tap into my divine power, while also connecting to others and the world around me. Yoga has provided me with the space to heal and love myself, and I wanted to share this powerful practice with others. I began my teaching journey in 2014. I completed the Modo Level 1, Modo flow, Yin, and Prana Vinyasa training with Shiva Rea. My classes are usually inspired by my Ashtanga and Prana Vinyasa practices. I love teaching yoga and I always aspire to unlock my students’ full potential, both physically and mentally.