Yukio Koglin


Yukio came to practice yoga to heal injuries from his practice of judo.  He was very grateful to discover its deep links to meditation, which he had also been practicing through judo, zen and vipassana traditions.  The melding of physical movement with mindfulness has been a wonderful journey for him, and to share this moving meditation with others an absolute joy.

Again and again he is amazed at the effect yoga has to give clear vision and uplift the soul.  Leaning into life with a sparkle in the eyes and an open thankful heart is the ultimate gift!  He gives many thanks to the all of the teachers and the students who are unfolding this path along side him.  ‘Teacher’ – ‘Student’ – one and the same.

When not in the hot room, he runs a judo club.  He has also been spotted frolicking in parks with his wife and son.