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Krista Holdright (She/Her)

Student / Teacher

Krista comes to Modo Vancouver from the East Coast of Canada! Upon relocating from Halifax to Vancouver in 2018, Krista was so pleased to be able to connect with a Modo studio and feel “at home” again – welcomed with open arms.
Krista believes a sense of community is what is needed in the world and what we all truly desire: a sense of belonging and to believe that we are truly “stronger together when we reach out and support one another.” Krista completed her Modo Foundational training in Nicaragua in 2023, and she’s happy to contribute to giving folks an opportunity or any ability to step outside of their daily lives through yoga & mindfulness, even if for only 1 hour of the day.
When she’s not at the studio, you can find Krista outdoors!! She’s a travel junky – splitting her time between both Canadian coasts – and she loves to spend as much time adventuring as possible!