Château Vaudreuil Customer

We are glad to welcome you to one of our outdoor yoga class at Château Vaudreuil.

Here are the steps to reserve your class:

  1. Visit our class Schedule Here. Classes at Château Vaudreuil are Monday, Wednesday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 9am.
  2. Click on “Sign up” button for the class you want to participate.
  3. If you have never been to the studio, click on “Create Profile”. If you already been to the studio and have an account with us, sign up to your account.
  4. Fill up the informations and click on “Create Profile”.
  5. A list of packages will appear to reserve for the class. Choose the “À la carte – Château Vaudreuil” at $18+ tx and use the Promo Code that Château Vaudreuil provided to you. If you didn’t get the promo code, ask the reception staff at the hotel for more details. The promo code will offer you 100% discount.
  6. Complete the transaction and make sure you receive a notification by sms or email to confirm your registration. Make sure you agree and respect our policies and guidelines for cancellation.
  7. Email us at [email protected] if you have any questions or issues.

Looking forward to practice with you and make your stay peaceful at Château Vaudreuil!