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Therapeutic Yoga

This class is for people who wish to feel deeply relaxed, and happy, in a safe space. Advanced breathwork, with gentle, deep, stretching helps to dissolve tensions, clears away emotional debris (old memories, traumas). As the mind calms, and clears, an openness to fresh insights occurs, energy flows. New and higher levels of mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being occur spontaneously. Experience the life force,“ Chi “ energetically! Acceptation of personal limitations is key to this practice. With patience and respect, the student find a way to returning to wholeness.
” I am perfect, whole and complete. “
Yoga mantra

Therapist Susan Frederick has an impeccable record as a Yoga specialist with years of experience teaching the Bali Method of Yoga Therapy (BMY) in hospital settings and other locations, teaching private sessions, also workshops in and around Montreal, since 2004.


**Non-heated room (22-23 degrees)