Teacher - Modo, Yin

Chloé has always loved movement. Growing up playing sports it was clear to her that as long as she could, she would move. Fitness had always been about running, ramping up the heart rate, and going fast. Yoga was the first time her body had been challenged by stillness. The task of keeping the mind calm and focused during strenuous stillness became her personal challenge. The silence in the stillness is where she found the power of breath.

Breath became peace and with that she wanted to learn more about the connection of the body and mind. Having studied Sociology and Psychology she had always loved learning about the human experience and this new found connection was something she needed to know more about. Modo offered her a place to learn about this connection and she found its philosophy was in line with many of her values.

As her practice grew so did her gratitude towards all that yoga has brought her. She believes that yoga can help people in all walks of life and hopes to help others discover the amazing power of breath that can be found within.