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Co-owner, teacher - Modo, Modo Flow, Modo Calm, Power, Prenatal, TRX

Joanie is passionnate about the human body and intelligent-mindful movement. She started her practice back in 2008 during her studies at university in rehabilitation. In 2013, after working for three years as en occupational therapist, and still really passionate about Modo’s practice, she completed her teacher training and started teaching in Montreal. Before becoming a yoga teacher, Joanie also worked as a personal trainer, did her crossfit level 1 training and Caveman training in the US. In 2014, she discovered triathlons and in 2015, became an Ironman 70.3 and 140.6. She finds in her yoga practice the balance between all those methods of movement and self-determination. For her, yoga is an efficient way to help center her body and her mind into a still, mindful, no-competiton mode and where it is totally permitted to slow down. She is the mom of a lovely little boy, Nathan, born in 2017. By teaching yoga, Joanie found her way of supporting her community and to allow people understand deeply the effects of a constant and well-integrated yoga practice. By offering an inspiring place such as MYV to practice, Joanie wants to spread her love for yoga to as many people as possible!