Trainer - TRX

Jimmy started his yoga journey when he met Joanie back in 2014. After working together as trainers in wellness and health events, Joanie introduced Jimmy to Modo Yoga. He admits it, being a person that is constantly seeking to challenge and surpass himself physically, he was really surprised when he found out how much yoga can challenge him! On a physical level of course, but even more on a psychological level as movements stays on the mat, no linear movements, something he was not used to as a triathlon athlete. Yoga allows him to move forward, in another dimension, diving inwards to feel our own self, where we rarely take time to observe. Jimmy is also an ex morbid obese that decided to change is life 10 years ago now. Former physical education teacher, he now dedicates an important part of his life to his and other people’s health. He wants to show as much people possible that it is possible to make dreams come true when reaching a physical, mental and psychological health.