Aidan Davis-Hess

student | teacher

After walking out of his first Modo class in the fall of 2015, Aidan was struck by the curiously blissful and rejuvenating effects that the class had on his mind and body and was immediately interested.

In its infancy, Aidan mainly used his practice to supplement a strength training routine as well as to centre his mind through a chaotic year of university.  As it typically does, his practice evolved and grew deeper.  He started noticing changes in the way his mind/body was interacting with the world and decided to take the level one teacher training in Seattle, 2017 to explore these changes a little further.

After Seattle, Aidan moved to Squamish BC to implement his training and explore the mountains.  He stayed in BC for the next 6 months, until he felt it was time to leave and return home to KW.

Aidan is interested in many things, including (but not limited to): nutrition, functional medicine and eastern philosophy/movement modalities such as Yoga, Taijiquan, Qi Gong and Nei Gong.  He is fascinated with many aspects of these arts, including how they effect change in the mind/body.  He also enjoys walking in the park, dancing and laughing with friends!