Erin Black

student | teacher

Erin fell in love-at-first-sweat with Modo yoga on her first class at Modo Yoga Waterloo in 2009. Initially she was hooked on how she felt immediately AFTER a practice (lighter, brighter). In time she developed a regular practice, and along with it, experienced the more profound, enduring benefits of the practice: enhanced self-awareness, self-compassion, and connectedness to the world around her. Motivated by her desire to share the goodness that Modo has gifted her with others, she began teaching at Modo Yoga Waterloo in 2013. Erin aims to infuse her teaching with loving-kindness and is a whole-hearted proponent of the Modo Pillar of Accessibility. Erin has completed teacher trainings in Modo flow, Yin Yoga (with Marla Eriksen), Yoga for Marginalized Youth (New Leaf Yoga) and Mindfulness for Kids (Sheena Bounsanga). By day she’s a social worker with a MSW from WLU. Outside of the hot room Erin’s interests include social justice, dogs, road trips, eating, and rock n’ roll.