Mistyna Wilcock

student / teacher / Outreach Coordinator

Mistyna originally started exploring yoga as a means to balance her dance training. Through her daily yoga practice, she quickly found a home on her mat that was much more than being able to conquer each pose. She has trained extensively in dance for twenty-three years, which has instilled a deep curiosity of moving the body with breath. Her curiosity led her to complete her Modo Teacher Training in the beautiful Okanagan.

Mistyna’s love of the Modo series, stems on the balance between the body and the mind. The practice offers an individual to work on strength, mindfulness, and focus all while developing flexibility and mental health. With focus on the breath, the individual can calm their thoughts and leave everything that is happening before and after class at the door. In her class you will be encouraged to brighten the eyes, soften the jaw and find ease in the effort. She is blessed to have found a home at Modo yoga, and is so thankful to her fellow teachers who continue to inspire her each day.