Rachael Lewitzky

teacher I student

Rachael began practicing yoga as a means to find balance physically, mentally, and emotionally. Having participated in high-level competitive sports throughout her life, she was looking for a way to move mindfully and purposefully. After completing her first Modo class, she knew she found what she was looking for. Her practice taught her the importance of connecting movement and breath – both on and off her mat. Yoga provided her with the strength and skills to pause, reflect, listen, strive, and breathe through discomfort. Having worked in the field of education for several years, Rachael is interested in exploring mindfulness in higher education and providing learners with accessible and inclusive experiences.
Rachael decided to continue her yoga journey by completing the inaugural online Modo Yoga Teacher Training program in June 2020. As a lifelong learner, she hopes to continue to evolve, grow, and learn as a both a student and educator so that she can nurture spaces where individuals can feel welcomed, supported, and empowered.