Outdoor Yoga Details

We are so excited to take the practice outside and in person! Join us in beautiful Senneville in a brand new park by the water. What a view!   Just a quick drive on the highway and you’re there – 15 minutes from our studio. We hope you can join us.

Please note that due to COVID there are many guidelines we need to follow. See below for full details on safety, how to register and how to get there!

Please read in full as space is limited and conditions apply.

Due to current restrictions, the number of students will be limited. Sign up in advance!


  • Online registration is mandatory. Purchase classes HERE and then register via the website or our app.
  • Registration opens 7 days before the scheduled class.
  • Can’t make your reservation?  Ensure to cancel a minimum 3 hours before the scheduled class time. Please be courteous as space is limited!
  • No show?  That’s not cool.  Please cancel so the wait-list people can take your spot.  No refunds for no shows OR late cancels. 


  • If it’s rainy or weather is just not safe, we will advise a minimum of 3 hours before if class is cancelled. 
  • Please follow our social accounts for real time updates (Instagram, Facebook).  Class on website will also show up as cancelled and if you were signed up you will receive a cancellation email.
  • If class is cancelled due to weather, you will be able to use it for another park class in the future. 


  • Single: 12$ plus taxes
  • 10 class park pass: $108 plus taxes
  • Normally we would take cash on arrival for park classes but due to Covid restrictions, all purchases must be paid online prior to class.
  • Are you an active MYM member? If so, outdoor classes are included in your package. Having trouble registering? Purchase your 0$ outdoor membership hereThank you for all your support!!
  • Currently an MYM in suspension? Please contact us at info@modoyogawestisland.com if you would like to reactivate your membership to use for our outdoor classes and in-studio classes.

*Wondering what an MYM member is? MYM members have signed up for an autorenewing monthly membership contract.

Safety Measures

We are doing all we can to keep you safe during this time!

Physical distancing measures will be in place, we will have hand sanitizer for you on hand and Catherine will be present with the teacher to assist everyone in setting up and maintaining the safety of all participants.

  • Use a mask on arrival, set-up and departure.  No mask will be required on your mat as all mats will be physically distanced.
  • Please bring all your own equipment and necessities: Yoga mat, props, towel, water, sunscreen, bug spray, water bottle, etc…
  • Mats will be positioned 2 meters apart and spots will be designated by orange cones.
  • Air hugs will be accepted by all! 🙂  

How to get there!

Please read carefully for directions.

We are so grateful to the City of Senneville for allowing us access to this new park by the water. It’s so NEW that it doesn’t have a name yet. But don’t worry, it’s easy to find and only a 15 minute drive from the studio.

  • You can use 64 Senneville Rd as a guide in your Navigation system, the park is directly beside it and you cannot miss it!
  • Be certain to take the Senneville exit from the highway 40.
  • There is no parking on Senneville road but plenty of parking on the side street facing the park. The name of the street is Senneville sur le Parc but it is also so new that it doesn’t show up in Google Maps yet!!

Please reach out if you have any questions! We cannot wait to see you and we hope you and yours are well!