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  • Fresh air exchanger on at all times in the studio +UV and hepa air filter/purifier.
  • Enough time between classes to clean and disinfect. We use a special product (all natural and botanical Benefect, proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria) to sanitize the studio.
  • Lockers are available, please bring a lock. To reduce clutter only your mat, towel water bottle are allowed in the hot room, no other personal belongings.

Before you leave your home

  • Self Health Assessment.
  • Put on your yoga clothes  (please only bring essentials. Leave what you can at home!).
  • We are NOT responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • Bring your own mat, towel and any props you may need. We have some you can rent or borrow at the studio but always better to bring your own.
  • We recommend bringing indoor flip-flops for moving around the studio (leave outside of hot room door).

When you arrive at the studio

  • Pease arrive at least 10 min prior to class.
  • We have a 5 min. last call policy. If you are not there 5 min. before class, your spot can be given to a walk-in or waitlist yogi.
  • When you arrive come see us at the desk, sign in as “arrived” and say hi.
  • PLEASE turn off your phone, or place on silent with NO vibrate and leave it in your bag in a locker.

When class is over

  • Savasana will be included in the class time (last 5 mins).

*If you need to use the toilet, please remember to wash your hands before and after.