We’ve made some serious changes around the studio! Many of which you will see below. Here are a few major changes that we are pleased to announce. The health and safety of this community is our top priority! Please read in full as we will outline instructions for you and many other safety precautions implemented further below.

  • Fresh air exchange in the studio with a new UV air purifier.
  • No fans (As recommended by the government guidelines.
  • Stickers on the floor in and around the studio to mark social distancing of 6 feet.
  • Masks are mandatory as per government regulations for indoor public spaces.
  • Masks can be removed once everyone is on their mat and socially distanced.
  • Plexi has been installed at the desk to limit contact between staff and students.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout the studio.
  • More time between classes to clean and disinfect. We use a special fogging agent (all natural and botanical Benefect) to sanitize the studio between each class. Proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Before you leave your home

  • Self Health Assessment (see below).
  • Put on your yoga clothes (lockers are not available, please only bring essentials as you will be bringing everything in the hot room with you. Leave what you can at home or in your car!).
  • Fill your water bottle (water fountains are not available but water boxes will be available for purchase).
  • Bring your own mat, towel and any props you may need (rentals will not be available).
  • We recommend bringing indoor flip-flops for moving around the studio (leave outside of hot room door).
  • Bring your mask.

When you arrive at the studio

  • Put on your mask before entering (you may remove it once on your mat).
  • As you enter use the hand sanitizer provided by the door.
  • Come to stand on one of the 4 red circles in the lobby (if all 4 are taken, please wait outside, always maintaining social distancing
  • sign in and say hi, staff will be social distancing at the desk behind a plexi glass. Only card payments are accepted (no cash) Debit machine is disinfected after each use. Pay if needed when it’s your turn then go straight to the yoga room.
  • Before you enter the yoga room please disinfect your hands again using the hand sanitizer by the hot room door. Doors will be propped open to reduce contact.
  • PLEASE turn off your phone, or place on silent with NO vibrate and leave it in your bag.
  • Remove your mask for practice as mats will be 6 feet apart and teachers will remain in the “teacher zone” always 6 feet away from everyone. 

When class is over

  • Savasana will be included in the class time (last 5 mins).
  • When class is over, the teacher will facilitate the exit procedure to help maintain distancing at all times. Please put on your mask and wait for the teacher to call your letter to exit (it will be taped on the floor at the top of your mat). 
  • We wish you could stay for tea and chat but sadly it is not possible at this time.

*If you need to use the toilet, please remember to wash your hands before and after and use the hand sanitizer we will provide by the washrooms. 

*Follow signage and social distancing markers on the floor to assist in maintaining social distancing as you move around the studio.