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Cynthia C.


Cyndie has been practicing various forms of yoga for twenty years, but came to Modo in 2010. She fell in love with so many aspects of its philosophy, but in particular it was the sense of community that made her feel at home. She did her training in Montreal back in 2011 and has since then participated in various trainings and workshops with Hart Lazer, Robin Golt, meditation with Sonia Oslo as well as at Joy of Yoga with Melanie Chevrier & Yin with Joe Barnette. For Cyndie her practice means freedom. Like a dance, her practice allows her to feel free to move. For her mind, practicing gives her a time and a place to really listen to all aspects of her inner self while still being attuned to her body. She is an effervescent and loving teacher, who hopes her students will also take the time to love who they are, body and mind, through their practice. She wants her students to move in a way that feels good and feels right- to be honest with yourself and your body’s needs. She places emphasis on the feeling rather than the appearance of a posture.