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Claudine Messier

Studio Owner & Director, Teacher

Claudine has always been fascinated by the body, health and well being in general. Passionate about dance, she graduated from L’École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal in 2003. She then took a different road and completed a business degree at UQAM in 2012. During her studies Claudine needed to breathe and that is when she found and quickly became addicted to yoga! Eternal student, Claudine seizes every opportunity to learn and grow, always trying to deepen both her practice and her teaching. On top of completing the Modo teacher training in 2009, she obtained a Modo level II teacher training and has studied with senior teachers such as Hart Lazer and Baron Baptiste. Aside from her accomplishments, Claudine has always been an avid traveler. From Saudi Arabia to Bulgaria, from Costa Rica to Arizona, she discovers the world through sensitive and creative eyes.

Her love of yoga and her desire to spread happiness, combined with her experience of teaching yoga and dance to groups of all ages make of Claudine a passionate and attentive teacher.