What Does GROW YOUR YOGA Mean?

April 5, 2017

Blog Post By: Jessica Robertson (Moksha/Modo Yoga Co-founder)

What Does Grow Your Yoga mean?

This is our 9th annual Grow Your Yoga – a 30-day on and off-the-mat challenge.  This may leave you wondering – what does it mean to Grow my Yoga?  What does that look like? This post offers some answers and seeks to help make this collective challenge, a personal one as well.

Let’s start with our community GYY basics.  Every year we share a Grow Your Yoga intention for our 30-day on and off-the-mat challenge.  This year our focus is water; last year it was climate change.  We seek to connect our practice with positive change.

The essence of GYY (#growyouryoga) is making the broader tones of our 7 pillars heard right down deep in our intentions, so that we can not only support our shared intention, but support our own.  We are after all, only as strong in community as we are as the individuals that make it up.

Our 7 Pillars

Be Healthy
Be Accessible  
Live Green
Community Support
Reach Out
Live to Learn
Be Peace

The 7 pillars were created with the guidance of yoga philosophy.  Although the words are not in Sanskrit, each pillar is a salute to the teachings of the Buddha, the fundamental ethical guidelines outlined by Patanjali in the Yoga Sutra, and the vastness of yoga teachings in general.

The 7 pillars keep us true to the fact that yoga as a tradition is a vast sea, and the postures are merely a drop in that sea.

The 7 pillars are our way to be sure we are always honouring the breadth of yoga, rather than simply taking the posture or asana part out and saying, ok, I’m done here!  

One thing every Moksha/Modo Yoga teacher shares is a vigorous 500-hour, 11-month training.  One of the core teachings of this training is providing anatomy and physiology learning that allows for each teacher to bring repetition and variation (and healthy accessibility) to each and every class.  One of the key lessons in Pillar 6, Live to learn, is to explore, first in our own anatomy, how every posture looks a little different for everyone.

Teachers lead students to listen to their own bodies and make decisions for themselves on the mat.  You’ve probably heard a teacher say “listen to your body.” Have you ever broken the norm and just lay down on your mat because you had a killer long day?  It feels strange at first, but then it feels kind of badass right?  In a good way!

During Grow Your Yoga, we take this listening a step deeper as a collective.  We encourage each other to ask ourselves – am I shaping the life I want to live?  Is my life reflecting who I want to be as a person, or as a yogi?

During Grow Your Yoga, we use our 30-days of dedicated practice on-the-mat, to ask ourselves off-the-mat “Am I listening to myself?”  We use the 7 Pillars to ask these questions – How Can I be healthier?  How can I Reach Out and create a change that I know I am capable of creating? We open a dialogue to challenge ourselves in community to be, all cliché aside, all that we can be.  

So that’s what we mean by Grow Your Yoga.  Thanks for asking!

We’re dialoguing on Instagram and FB with #growyouryoga #mokshamodolove and any one of the #7pillars.  We’re gathering at studios.  We’re fundraising on CrowdRise and we’re having a lot of fun along the way.  It’s not too late to join (perfection is over-rated – make it a 21 day challenge!)  

If you’re not near a studio, you are welcome to join the Moksha/Modo International team!  

Thank you for broadening our collective practice of this amazing tradition! If you are participating in GYY, have a great challenge!!  Maybe we’ll surpass $150,000 in community!!!

Hope to see you around,