Get to a little more about Lyanna, Melodie, An, and Towela.


What keeps you interested in your yoga goals?

I am always so amazed by how the body works. Yoga is an excellent tool to use to guide you into a more spiritual practice but it’s also great for the physical body. People often forget the deep connection between the two. Sometimes my asana practice is terrible. I can’t focus, my balance is off, and I’m getting frustrated by what my shapes are feeling like. This is usually the result of some other factors that have trickled into my practice. What keeps me interested in my yoga goals is always finding new ways to intertwine the spiritual aspect of yoga with the physical. If you can calm the mind, the body will follow.

How long have you been practicing?

With yoga, I have been practicing for about 3 years. It took me a long time to feel comfortable in my own body and yoga has really helped me with being more accepting.

What is your favourite yoga resource?

One of my favourite resources for yoga is the community. I love being able to talk with other teachers and students alike to hear their advice and words of wisdom. Be it from their experiences to poses and sequencing, to philosophies, the yoga community has a plethora of knowledge.

What is a book that you share with all your friends? Yoga related or not.

A book that I share with all my friends is, The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein. It’s interesting how some people interpret the book and the symbolism of the boy and the tree. If you’ve ever read it, I’d love to hear your take on it.


Three words that you would use to describe yoga to a brand new friend.

The physical expression of self-love.

What is the posture you are working on right now?

Bird of paradise (I am incredibly tight in my shoulders) and side crow!

What is your favourite yoga resource?

The Modo community – we have so many amazing teachers right here in-house, they are so knowledgeable and love to answer questions and to discuss anything yoga ♥️ this community is unbelievable ☺️ as a new teacher, I am so grateful to have a wealth of knowledge in the studio!

What is a book that you share with all your friends? Yoga related or not.

I just read it and it’s so relatable, any and everyone would benefit from this read! It’s called “The Untethered Soul – The journey Beyond Yourself” by Michael A. Singer


What drives you to come to ALL of our community gatherings?

Definitely the amazing people from our sangha. Such a safe, compassionate, non-judgmental and welcoming place.

What brought you to yoga for your very first visit?

After a shoulder injury from rock climbing, a friend recommended I should do yoga to build strength and range of motion.

What is your favourite yoga resource?

All the wonderful teachers at Modo.

What is a book that you share with all your friends? Yoga related or not.

“Understanding Weather & Climate” by Aguado and Burt (2001) although there are newer editions.


Advice for someone who just stepped into a yoga class for the first time?

Don’t be a hero, go at your own pace listen to your body! We always hear the term “Turning inward”… in yoga, it means giving yourself time to feel and listen to what is arising and moving inside your own body and mind using breath. I would encourage them to use yoga as a time to really listen to the shifts and changes of your desires, mood or emotions. Remember, yoga is a moving meditation so use this time to listen inward and remember that yoga takes time and constant dedication! Don’t be hard on yourself or take things too seriously, breathe, feel and enjoy! Your life will never be the same!!

How has yoga changed your day-to-day life?

I find that I am more patient and more environmentally conscious. Red lights and delayed flights have turned into meditations, I find myself making greener choices in the hopes of reducing my carbon footprint.

Patience has been the biggest factor, patience with myself has started to radiate as patience with those around me and this manifests in MANY FORMS from negative self talk to realizing that we all experience life through a lens that’s been constructed by our lived experiences. Don’t be don’t hard on yourself or others we are all trying our absolute best, even if things aren’t going exactly like you hoped there is probably very little you can do to change the situation so change your perspective! Don’t deliberately make yourself feel worse, you deserve peace.

What is your favourite yoga resource?

Modo Sangha, books!

What is a book that you share with all your friends? Yoga related or not.

Eckart Tolle of course! “The Power of Now” and “The Tree of Yoga” by BKS Iyengar