picture of todd in a yoga pose

Energy Exchange Spotlight: Todd B

How long have you been practicing yoga for?

About four years. I started doing Eionn Finn videos with my wife (so much time looking between my legs at a laptop wondering “eka pada what?”). We spent a bit of time trying iyengar yoga, but it didn’t really interest me. And then we found this crazy $5 drop in class at Moksha Donald where this small crew would be doing such amazing, stunning, floating stuff. Knew that I had to do more with this. Especially when the weekly themes would be about “adventure” or “fun”, or things that just really resonated with me.

What brought you to yoga for the first time?

My wife (to be) brought me in. We did a few classes at different places, but it didn’t really spark with me. It wasn’t until I got the idea of flow classes that I really started to get into it. The feeling when both strength and flexibility starts to build in your body is so hard to describe.

Barre or Hot Yoga? What is your jam!?

I love hot flows, but also love the flows in the nonheated rooms. Prana, Ashtanga, core flow… I always try to let people know that these amazing classes are available.

What pose are you currently working on?

I’ve been totally neglecting my yoga and pushing some unrealistic cardio goals for the past three months. Refocusing in two weeks, and want to finally be able to FLOAT like all these magical yogis I see!!

What are three things you would tell your friend before their first ever yoga class?

  1. It will be harder than you thought.
  2. You’re probably going to surprise me because everyone has some (often unrecognized) gift they bring to their practice.
  3. I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Favourite Post-Yoga snack or meal

Anything, as long as I have the company of my beautiful yogini sweetheart @toniaberger

What’s your favourite part about being an Energy Exchanger?

I find the space so serene. You have to work hard to make everything clean between classes, but it’s really calming at the same time. Love the feeling of going home knowing you’ve left it ready for the early morning crew the next day so they can start their day in the best way.