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Every studio in our community is guided by our 6 pillars.

Karma Classes

Modo is founded on six pillars that guide everything we do. Our karma classes are one way we honour three of them: Be Accessible, Sangha Support, and Be Peace. Think of karma as our way of 'paying it forward' -- it's affordable to attend yet every dollar we collect goes towards our monthly Karma Charity. We build community in the studio as we support the larger community around us. Since 2004, Modo Studios have collectively raised over 6 million dollars, thanks in part to our Karma Classes.


Our commitment to the Be Green Pillar runs deep. We construct sustainable studios and power them with renewable energy. Our activist roots inspire our community campaigns which raise funds to help protect the environment. Through these efforts we are proud to help create a more sustainable future.

By reducing our collective footprint, we can help protect the earth for generations to come. By raising awareness and making conscious choices, we can truly make a difference. Not sure where to start? Bring a reuseable water bottle to class, participate in Grow Your Yoga, or try to reduce unnecessary waste - there are countless ways to bring the Be Green Pillar into your own life.