picture of derek pang doing warrior two pose in a forest

Love Your Brain

Did you know that 452 people suffer a serious brain injury every day in Canada? This amounts to one person injured with a traumatic brain injury (TBI) every 3 minutes!

Raising awareness about the importance of brain health, brain injury prevention, and supporting people who have experienced a TBI, from concussions to severe injury, is extremely important and meaningful to me because in 2010 I sustained a severe traumatic brain injury myself which left me in a coma for 3.5 days, retrograde amnesia, notable post-traumatic amnesia and a long road of recovery ahead.

How did I rehabilitate and heal?

I used the physical and mental practice of Yoga as my primary healing modality. Not only did Yoga help me heal, but the therapeutic effects of regular practice, in addition to meditation, considerably improved the quality of my life to wondrous, unprecedented levels. Isn’t it beautiful the plasticity of our brains!

Years later, I’ve now been teaching Yoga for 6+ years who have recently completed my LoveYourBrain Yoga teacher training. The program is a FREE, evidence-based and community-driven, 6-week Yoga and meditation series designed to support people who have experienced a TBI and their caregivers.

With this training now complete, I’m thrilled for the opportunity to give back, be of service and begin teaching this research-based program sometime soon, which Modo Yoga runs four times a year! Learn more and support this amazing non-profit organization at loveyourbrain.com. The best way to connect with me is online at pangyoga.com or on Instagram at @pangyoga.