Courtesy Policy

Our goal is to create space for as many of you as possible in every single class we offer without space going to waste unnecessarily. To do that, we have a few guidelines in place for classes that we offer online sign-up for:

We have set up online sign-up/registration for select classes. This is available online only, up to 7 days in advance. Our regular temperature room (Moon Room) has limited capacity, and these classes (yin & restorative) book up we suggest signing up ahead for them.

A 3 hour cancellation notice is required and must be done through the on-line system to avoid any and all late/no-show charges. No phone or email cancellations please.

A No Show charge occurs when you are signed up for a class and, do not show up OR cancel. A Late Cancel charge occurs when you cancel after that 3 hour mark before class. These charges are $15+tax for all classes.

Sorry, but we cannot make individual exceptions.  Just know that you have until 1 hour before the class starts to add yourself in, so you can always wait until you know you can for sure make it to save your spot!

If you aren’t here 10 minutes to class time and there are students hoping and waiting for a spot in class, we will start giving away spots in class to those who are here.


Please let note, if you are moved from the wait-list into the class, you must CONFIRM that you will be taking the class at least 3 hours before the class start time, otherwise your spot will be given away. Please note that our Courtesy Policy is in effect, if you are moved from the wait-list into the class.