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Terms and Conditions for Auto-Renewing Memberships

*All memberships are auto-renewing memberships require a two-month commitment
*A minimum of 30 days ( the intro is 14 days to cancel) is  needed to cancel and must be received by us in writing.
*The membership fee is billed to your account approximately every 28 days
*Management reserves the right to terminate the membership contract agreement with 30 days written notice.
*Need to cancel right away? You can waive the 14 days notice and pay an early cancellation fee of $50.
*Memberships are subject to up to 5% year over year increase.
*Lakehead University Students are encouraged to buy our 3-month membership for $199.
*Our Intro offer is call Intro Auto-Renew and is good for the 28 days after that it converts to the auto-renew membership and all the above conditions apply. We require 14 days notice to cancel the intro pass.
The Intro Autorenew has a 12 hour cancellation policy and allows bookings up to 7 days ahead. Late charges apply of $15 and no show of $20
*HST is applied to all purchases.