Intro Month


New to Modo? Check out our Intro Month which gives you 30 days of Unlimited Yoga and Barre.


Monthly Membership 4


Become a member for $144/month, $134 if bought during intro month. 4 month commitment.


Monthly Membership 12


Become a member for $124/month, $114 if bought during intro month. 12 month commitment.



Yoga came into my life as a way to stretch, get out of the house and try something new. I had no expectations or idea what I was getting into. My first impression was "I can’t believe a place like this exists."

Having been in a very negative and stressful environment for the last couple years this was like a dream. I started to notice a change in my energy about two weeks in, each class has been like a battery recharge, or release; emotional, physical, mental, whatever, for me feels like freedom. Learning to connect with myself and just let go has been an eye opening experience. After a month, yoga brought clarity to problem areas in my life that had to change right away. Through a daily practice, yoga has healed my body, mind and soul, opened old injuries - things I was told were permanent - and disposed of them like they were never there. Bonus, yoga has also helped to bring me out of my shell, chill my anxiety and allow peace. Showing up has proven that all things are possible when you take time to breathe, create space and just let go.


Bring Your own:
  • Reusable water bottle with water.
  • Mat and mat towel.
  • Any yoga props you use in your practice such as blocks and yoga straps.
  • Comfy clothes to stretch & sweat in
Good to Know:
  • We DO NOT have rental mats, towels or props at this time. Please bring your own.
  • Fill out the online waiver in advance
  • Arrive 15 minutes early
  • If you need anything, just ask!



Interested in becoming a Yoga Teacher?

Train with Modo and gain the practical skills and hands-on experience needed to lead safe and inspiring group yoga classes.

We pride ourselves on having a curriculum that is always evolving, as we strive to learn and teach the most current practices and scientific findings. Our faculty is intelligent, expertly trained, and passionate about what they teach. Plus, they’re all really fun and inspiring—no boring and stuffy lecturers here!

Sign up for the next Modo Yoga Teacher Training, and join a community of caring and supportive leaders on a mission to bring more peace into the world.


Share Your Good Vibes and Get Free Yoga

Inspired by our Be Accessible Pillar, our Energy Exchange program gives students the opportunity to deepen their yoga practice, regardless of their financial situation.

Energy Exchangers (EE’s) are an integral part of our studio family – their passion and dedication is what makes our community so special. In exchange for working one 4 hour shift per week EE’s will receive unlimited yoga and lots of other perks!

Want to become a bigger part of our community in exchange for free yoga? Have 4 hours a week to spare? Our Energy Exchange program is for you!

For more information, please contact us.