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12 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for Yoga Lovers

written by: Kyneret Azizo

Namaste, dear ones! The holidays are rolling in pretty quick, and it’s time to get cracking on those gifts for your kinfolks.

So, you happen to have a friend who’s hardcore into yoga, do you? Well, don’t assume that they’ll be rejecting material gifts, just because they are on an esoteric plane of existence! Every yogi likes to co-create a good surprise now and then.

So, what are some thoughtful holiday gifts for yoga lovers? Forget the obvious things yogis cherish, like yoga blocks, yoga wheels and essential oils. How about something a little more original?

The ideas on this list will inspire and surprise you. You may even want one of these for yourself! Check them out.


Girl driving listening to music from her phone

   1. Gas/Rideshare/Metro Card

If yoga students could choose to teleport to every single one of their classes, they would. And maybe one day, with enough meditation practice, they’ll gain that ability. But seeing as how that’s unlikely to happen in this lifetime, a transportation gift card is your next best option. It all depends on their preferred mode of transportation. Help them get to their classes with a:

  • Gas card from their preferred gas station
  • Gift card for rideshare apps like Uber, Facedrive or Lyft
  • Metro pass card for the bus and/or subway


Girl practicing yoga at home from a video on her computer

   2. Online Yoga Classes

While they’d love to attend a studio yoga session every day, sometimes that’s just not possible – unless, of course, they can actually teleport. With online yoga classes, they’ll get yoga-on-demand, plus the ability to practice anywhere they desire. Access to a database of lessons from renowned yoga instructors at the click of a button? Yes, please! You can browse through Modo Yoga International’s selection of audio and video class downloads. For some other online yoga options, check out: Glo, Yoga International, or Gaia.    


Girl sitting on grass doing online shopping on her laptop

   3. Make a Donation in Their Name

Of course, we all have those yogi friends that enforce the no-gift holiday policy. “Seriously, don’t get me anything,” they insist. What can you do for these people? Make a donation to a fundraiser they are passionate about. It’s a sly way to disobey their orders and please them at the same time. You can enclose the receipt in a beautifully handmade and eco-friendly greeting card!  


Two gratitude journals and a pen

   4. A Gratitude Journal

What’s the latest rave in the world of wellness? The practice of gratitude! The miraculous effects of gratitude on mind and body have been studied extensively in the last two decades. We now know it’s the best way to promote happiness, not to mention improve your health. A Gratitude Journal is the perfect gift for someone who is on the path of self-realization. You can purchase one in Modo Yoga Maple’s boutique.    


A musical bell instrument used more commonly in kirtan concerts

   5. Tickets to a Sacred Music Performance

Yogis have their own way of rocking out – at a kirtan or a sacred music performance, of course! Several of these soul-inspiring events take place across the city throughout the year. You can search for events and purchase tickets on Eventbrite or go directly to the artists’ websites. Modo Yoga studios often hold kirtan and live music yoga events, as well. If you ask me, this is one of the best gifts for that special yogi in your life. It’s an experience, and those always make a better gift than material possessions. Besides, you can enjoy this one together. Some heavenly suggestions for you: Ajeet Kaur, Simrit Kaur, Mirabai Ciba, David Newman, Brenda McMorrow.    


Feet in water with flowers

   6. A Foot Massage and Pedicure

Yogis are obsessed with spreading their toes wide in yoga poses and “rooting down through all four corners,” aren’t they? The irony is, they actually tend to neglect their feet sometimes. We might scrub every inch of our body but deny that same loving attention to our feet. Or, we’ll seek out a neck and shoulder massage, thinking that’s where all the tension accumulates. Meanwhile, our poor feet are weeping for some wellness, too. A foot massage and pedicure package is a great gift to bestow on your favourite yogi friend. And it’s another one you can enjoy together.  


An avocado split in half held in the hands on a girl

   7. A Handsome Supply of Avocados

Have you ever witnessed a yoga student devouring a Himalayan-salt-sprinkled avocado straight out of the peel with a spoon? If so, you’ll understand the true worth of this super-food. Avocados are an incredibly nutritious post-yoga snack. Ok, maybe I’m just being silly with this one. But seriously, avocados are every yogi’s best friend. They’re the best thing ON sliced bread! So, if you happen to see them on sale, the (avocado) seed has been planted in your mind.    


A girl sitting on a beach listening to music from headphones

   8. Handpicked Yoga Playlists

One of the most thoughtful gifts anyone ever gave me was a self-curated yoga music playlist. It was conveniently tailored to my preferred style of yoga. Not only did it save me from having to make a fresh playlist for my next class, but it was also a gift for my own practice. There’s nothing like a sublime soundtrack to ignite the inspiration for their yoga practice. Curate a few fantastic ones on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music for this dear person in your life. The added perk? This gift might not cost you anything.    

A fruit infuser water bottle with fruit inside and berries on the side

   9. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

Hot yoga enthusiasts know it’s important to stay on top of 3 main things for class: nutrition, hydration, and electrolytes. The thing is, it’s hard to find electrolyte powders free of additives and sugars. That’s why this fruit infuser water bottle is a genius alternative. It’s a healthy way to provide your body with all three necessities after a sweaty practice. The fruit infuser pictured above is by Healthful Hydration.    


An Adult colouring book

   10. An Adult Colouring Book

In the yoga community, you hear a lot of talk about “nurturing the inner child.” Maybe your friend has even mentioned their own quest to connect with the innocent, playful one within. Well, here’s a fantastic gift to give them that opportunity. A colouring book for big people so they can be little again! You’ll find all kinds of colouring templates, from fantasy themes to sacred geometry and mandalas. Once finished, their coloured-in masterpieces can serve as personalized home decor. Stores like Indigo/Chapters sell these gifts.    


Spiritual Gangster branded sweater for to and from yoga

   11. Warm n’ Cozy Post-Yoga Clothing

Picture your friend in this situation: They’ve just finished a deliciously hot Modo Yoga class. They’ve got a warm, fuzzy feeling spiralling throughout their body. Their heart is soaring, and their limbs are pleasantly limber. But now they have to do something horrible. They have to face the bitter cold outside. Help them get through this madness with warm post-yoga clothing, like pullovers and hoodies! Peruse through our snug and snazzy apparel boutique at Modo Yoga Maple. If you spend $125 before tax on retail items between Dec 1-24, you’ll receive a free 5-class card! You can keep it for yourself or gift it out.  


A class at Modo Yoga Maple with several people in a pose called Halfmoon

   12. A Modo Yoga Maple Gift Card!

And finally, how could we possibly conclude this article without mentioning a Modo Yoga Maple gift card? Anyone who loves yoga will appreciate this as a holiday gift. We have an amazing promo happening, as of November 29th. All new signups on a Bliss or Modo Membership receive a FREE Jade Yoga Mat. (It’s valued at $99 + HST). Grab ahold of this limited-time offer while supplies last! Do you want more ideas on what to buy for your deeply-devoted yoga pal? Take a moment to ponder the types of challenges they might face in a typical day. I bet you’ll come up with dozens more thoughtful gifts for yoga lovers to solve those challenges! Happy holidays and much love to you, from Modo Yoga Maple!


Kyneret has been practicing and teaching yoga for over a decade. She began as a yoga teacher for Modo Yoga Maple in 2012, and has recently set off on a nomadic adventure to South East Asia. She remains active within our Modo community as a blog writer.

When not writing, she is fully immersed in the day-to-day adventures of travel life and actively seeks out as many foreign yoga experiences as possible to further her knowledge and skills! You can follow Kyneret’s travels on her instagram account @planes_trains_autoimmunity