Megan Z in lake smiling.

My Journey from Student to Teacher

Helping Myself and Others Find a Home Within Thirty million people struggle with an eating disorder. Thirty million people believe that the body they live in isn’t enough. I am one of those people. Since I was about eight years
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Tash laying down with crystals overtop.

What is Hypnotherapy?

  We asked experienced Hypnotherapist and Yoga teacher Tash Vincze about Hypnotherapy, its benefits, and how to prepare!   To begin, what is hypnotherapy?  Hypnotherapy is a state of heightened awareness. It is a tool used to create suggestibility of
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Andrea looking off and smiling with Tanis in foreground.

Why I Love the Modo Series

  Long-time Modo Yoga teacher Andrea Palichuk shares the top reasons why she loves the Modo Series after 11 years of practicing Modo Yoga. One of the things that I have heard a lot from students over the years is
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