Lelaña Jensen

Studio Manager/Yin/Meditation/Nidra Instructor

I remember my very first yoga class very clearly, it was 2002 –I went with a friend, we did a Hatha class at a local studio.
We went weekly for a few months and at that time for me it was mostly a social outing.

I rediscovered yoga again in 2004, after having baby number three, when I really began to struggle with constant lower back and hip discomfort. Yoga provided me that physical relief that I desired and could just not find in anything else I did.

I was sold and started going on a weekly basis not only for pain release but also to escape my busy life now a mom of three. I continued practicing Hatha yoga regularly while pregnant with baby number four and continued to enjoy the benefits it provided after she was born.

A good friend of mine suggested hot yoga, I was sceptical, but I gave Modo Sherwood Park Hot Yoga a try and I was hooked! I just felt so amazing after class.

I enjoyed living an active lifestyle and my activities were hard on my body, which prompted me to give yin a try. WOW. I remember being in Swan for 5 minutes and the huge challenge of holding that pose. I then noticed for days after my body felt balanced, I thought ‘yes –I finally feel like me again’.

As with most who find yoga, it is all about the physical aspect in the beginning and then things shift to being so much more than that.Yin became a time to reconnect with myself, to settle the mind, to create space and peace which I so craved being a busy mom of four.

I came to a challenging time in my personal life where my yin practice truly became my sanctuary as well as this studio, these teachers and my mat. Tt truly was an ‘a-ha’ moment,
I knew at that point this is something I truly wanted to be able to share with others. I wanted to create a space to be able to provide even one moment of ‘mindfulness’ as it was provided to me.

I took Yin level 1&2 teacher training with Joe Barnett in 2015.

Continuing to embrace the softer side, I completed Yoga Nidra level 1&2 at Empowered yoga.

25hrs of Meditation teacher training with Mandy Trapp

In 2018, I studied with Jo Phee and Joe Barnett in Bali for a month long 200RYT Yin Intensive.

In early 2020, I studied again with Jo Phee taking her advanced anatomy fascia module.

I have many passions in life and they all seem to involve living in the moment; cultivating mindfulness.

“Celebration is possible of each moment brings you something new. And change beautifies everything. The soul of existence is change.’-Osho

I can’t wait to share these beautiful soft practices and create space together on our mats.