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Q. What do you do when you are not exchanging at Modo Yoga Thunder Bay?

A.  I’m currently a student in the Forestry Technician program at Con College and work part time so that eats up majority of my day, but when I do have time to myself I love scoping out the thrift stores around Thunder Bay and finding hidden treasures or walking to one of the many awesome coffee shops Thunder Bay has to offer, oh and practicing at Modo of course!

A.  Q. Tell us about your yoga journey so far…

When I first moved to Thunder Bay from Niagara I was pushed a little bit out of my comfort zone and stopped finding time in my day for physical activity, nor did I have a place where I really enjoyed going or felt comfortable enough to come consistently, that is until I found Modo yoga. The studio was so warm and friendly, the classes were varied so that every skill level is welcome, and you just feel so good every time you finish a class, soon enough I was addicted.

Q. Why did you join the Modo community?

A. I love the friendly inclusive atmosphere the studio offers. I’ve been to other studios where I’ve felt a bit of a competitive edge in the air, and that’s not what I’m looking for when I come to practice. The variety of classes and the unique styles of all the teachers also kept me coming back.

Q. What advice do you have for our students at MYTB?

A.  Never get angry at your own practice. Solange has said many times in her classes, “you’re a five year old playing in the sandbox, you’re having fun remember!?”. And I love that because yoga to me really is an act of play and of joy. We’re in the room to honour and strengthen our bodies, bring peace and consciousness to our bodies, and that peace just isn’t going to flow and we’re never going to achieve the true goal of the practice if we’re constantly striving for perfection and getting upset if we’re not meeting our goals. Also, YOGA IS FOR EVERYONE, so often when I’m exchanging, I hear people walking by say this “I’m too inflexible for yoga.” That’s like saying you’re too thirsty to drink or too tired to sleep… to be continued