Summer Yoga

How do you keep your practice going throughout the summer months when all you want to do is ride your bike and swim? Okay, maybe that’s all I want to do, but I think you can see what I’m getting at here.

Isn’t it funny how everything changes as soon as the summer months hit? As the sun sits a little higher in the sky, our rhythms and routines have the tendency to change as obligations shift and we find ourselves outside more than the winter months tend to allow.

You might even notice your own biorhythm shifting. Do you find yourself gravitating towards a specific class type or preferring different postures? Just as our habits and preferences change from the winter to summer months, so do our personal rhythms. Personally, I find it significantly easier to wake up with the sun and get my day started early in addition to opting for lighter and cooler foods in the warmer months. Winter is a completely different story. The struggle is real in trying to wake up during dark days and the cool temperatures have me choosing more filling meals to keep me warm. If our sleeping and comfort habits change, so too should our yoga practice. The main thing I challenge you to do through these summer months is to notice and be aware. You might be surprised at what you uncover.

The following are some suggestions as to how you can keep your practice flowing through the next couple of months:

Wake up

I’ve said this before but doing your practice in the morning is not only a great way to start your day, it also provides you with the opportunity to make the most of those long summer evenings we are lucky to experience throughout the warmer months.

Short but frequent

Switch it up! Incorporate shorter but powerful classes into your day as a way to keep your practice continuing throughout the summer. Perhaps you’ll find waking up and doing a couple of flows will do it for you or select a shorter studio practice from our course offerings.

Get outside

Take your practice outdoors and notice your natural surroundings. How does your practice change in an outdoor setting. What sounds, scents, and feelings to you notice. There’s something to be said for doing your sun salutations in the sun.

Make it fun!

Whether you joined the challenge or not, it’s fun to play little games to keep yourself motivated to keep on sweating. Challenge yourself to bike to the studio or to try a different outdoor location every week.

We have weekly lunchtime classes at Hillcrest Park on Wednesdays that are a welcomed alternative to a studio practice. Choose a new sound track or playlist every week and examine how your practice changes with these different energy inputs.

The key here is not to stop, but to keep going. This is your practice, so make it special. Sure, take a break and truly enjoy the extra time in your day, but be sure to create a schedule throughout these months that works for you and your practice.