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Kathryn Drewlo


I believe fitness can be an outlet for creativity and self-expression. Improving my own health and fitness has transformed my life for the better, while discovering how deeply intertwined the physical and mental aspects are. As a 500-hour certified yoga instructor I can show you how to empower yourself and strengthen your body. I want all students to feel amazing, both inside and out, and to be totally in love with who they are. You can practice alongside me at any stage of your fitness journey, simply by showing up and being present during every class. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an absolute beginner or working out is second nature for you; my classes can help you reach your fitness goals and feel the confidence you deserve.
I teach Modo and HIIT classes, and thrive on challenging students to being completely present and leaving everything else outside the room. Classes link movement with breath, and strength with flexibility in perfect harmony. It is my personal mission for everyone to let go, have fun and discover how strong you physically, mentally and emotionally are.  As you discover your personal limits, you experience empowerment in knowing your body.