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Scott MacBean


Scott first came to yoga for balance, physically and otherwise, and quickly realized the deeper layers to be discovered through the practice. He dedicated himself to daily practice and study and hasn’t looked back. His is a challenging and fun vinyasa class that combines his love of creative flow with his passion for breath and alignment. His class is themed weekly, usually toward some “big” pose, and balancing the strength and opening necessary to prepare the body for the more adventurous asanas. Expect to sweat, to meet an edge (or two), and to smile.
Scott believes that we can all come to a greater realization of our potential through the practice of yoga. Off the mat Scott spends lots of time with his partner and their dogs, enjoys running, biking, hiking and the downtime necessary to recover from all that. He gives much thanks to his teacher, JP Tamblyn-Sabo, for his wisdom, his mentorship and his passion for the practice