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Anita Singh


Anita was born and raised on the west coast of Canada. Yoga has been a big part of her healing journey,
beginning with her recovery from a serious car accident while attending Simon Fraser University. She
moved to PEI, raised 2 beautiful children, made heartfelt friendships, while enjoying a career serving the
public. Anita loves to learn and is always taking a course or pursuing a new hobby. She was drawn to
the warm community at the MODO studio in Charlottetown and began attending regularly in 2014.
Years later, her daughter asked “When are you finally going to become a yoga teacher?” The seed was
planted and Anita completed MODO teacher training in 2021. She remains passionate about health and
wellness, and yoga is one healing modality that has helped her significantly throughout her life. Anita
guides her classes with a calm presence, holding space for others and regularly sharing teachings that
she has gathered from her own life journey.