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Steff Sullivan


Steff Sullivan (she/her) blends a decade of experience as a Registered Nurse in Women’s Health with multiple movement certifications in Barre, Strength & Conditioning, Personal Training & Pilates. Her deep rooted passion for self-care, intuitive movement and mental wellbeing is apparent in all that she offers. Most recently, Steff became a Certified Pre & Postnatal Coach with Girls Gone Strong and a Prenatal Barre specialist with Unity Fitness & Wellness Inc. to further her support and understanding of humans throughout various stages of their life. She strives to provide an inclusive and approachable movement class with various modifications to support how you are showing up to class at that moment. You’ll find gentle nudges throughout each class to listen to your body & stay in touch with your breath. Steff believes movement is such a gift and is honoured to guide you back home into your body.