Student / Modo Teacher

Why do you love the Modo community?

Modo gives me support through challenges and company during celebration. I love growing here.

Why do you teach yoga?

I want to share something that helps me feel better every single day.

What yoga certifications do you have?

Modo Yoga Level 1 – 200 Hour Teacher

If you were an animal, what would it be?


You have one day completely to yourself in Columbus.  What do you do?

I go to Modo for an early flow, then get coffee at Thirdway Cafe. A walk at the Scioto Audubon park with my puppy is before lunch. I go to Fox in the Snow Cafe then treat myself to a pedicure next door at the W nail bar. I stop by the Franklinton Farm You Pick garden after the pedicure and cook myself dinner at home using farm fresh produce. Dinner is followed by another walk with the puppy. I head out to a local venue for some live music! After a fun and full day I feed treats to my puppy and kitty, thank Columbus for all the beautiful things it has to offer, and go to bed!

What’s your favorite yoga pose and why?

I LOVE SAVASANA. The whole world would be better if everyone laid on the ground and focused on their breath for three minutes every day.

You can only eat at one Columbus restaurant for the rest of your life.  What is it?

Jeni’s splendid ice creams