A 40 day practice is a powerful journey, it is a challenge, it is a commitment! This is a process to rewire your habits, create positive grooves for your mind and body and upgrade your operating system.

40 Days will encourage you to pay greater attention to your priorities, your health and body, and your own self-love. Think of this as a “pattern-interrupt” — a moment to ask those thought provoking questions about your life. If you’re looking to break negative cycles and establish healthier patterns, The Imprint is the way to restore balance and create positive change. Dare to dream big, and make those dreams possible!

Join me for The Imprint: 40 Days to Rewire your Habits, featuring daily live and recorded meditations, supplemented with special workshops on visioning, energetics, self-care, creating a prosperity mindset and projection, all starting Monday, April 5.

Early introductory pricing of $44 is in effect — sign up now and imprint new possibilities!

Series is free with MYM membership with Modo Yoga YUL. All others are eligible for the introductory offer at $44. Note: this practice is in english only.


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Still deciding? Join us Monday, April 5 at 12:15pm for a free Q&A session, open to all. Learn how The Imprint can help you rewire, redefine, reboot and create your dreams.

Why 40 Days?

  • 40 is a sacred number for many religions — Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and the ancient traditions that celebrated the solstices and equinoxes.
  • throughout centuries, yogis and sadhus have used a continuous 40 day meditation practice to bring self-discipline to their lives.
  • when you practice consistently every day for 40 days, you can create an opportunity to implement any change you want — in your habits, your relationships, and your self-esteem

What you receive

  • a welcome package with resources for guiding your 40 Days
  • 5 weekly workshops + 1 Q&A session
  • Helpful digital handouts
  • 5 live meditation sessions weekly, plus pre-recorded sessions for self-practice
  • supportive community feedback and encouragement

Workshop topics

Free Q&A | All are welcome to join on Monday April 5 to learn more about The Imprint and how it can help you realize your potential.
Personal Vision | A guided session to write your own personal vision statement and identify your next action steps to the life you crave.
Embodied Energy | An interactive lecture on the architecture of the ten energetic bodies and the seven chakras.
Self Love & Care | Hands-on techniques for taking your best care of the most important person in your life! Learn to dry-brush, make a sugar scrub, and understand the benefits of cold water therapy.
Prosperity Mindset | Prosperity is a way of interacting with your life, and a way of thinking. It’s the creative ability of your thoughts to lend more power and energy to whatever you consistently focus on. Together, we discuss and share strategies for attracting everything you want out of life.
Project & Manifest | This final workshop, we put the pieces together. Redefine yourself and discuss what you’ve learned on the way.
I can’t wait for you to join me on this journey!