Intro Month


$50 Unlimited Hot Yoga for 30 Days. The best way to try out all that we have to offer! If you come 10 times or more during your Intro Month, receive a second month (Rockstar Special) for just $80!


All Access Membership


Enjoy unlimited access to our live, in-studio classes, as well as digital access to our schedule. In addition, an On-Demand library, with over 40 videos for you to enjoy from home!


Want More Options?

We have all the options you need to cater your yoga practice to your schedule



My heart is filled with deepest appreciation and gratitude for the blessings of Modo Yoga Portland. I came to yoga in midlife (after age 50), having taken the odd class here and there as exercise, but never cultivating (nor even understanding what) a yoga "practice" meant. I am delighted to say, I now know! My practice at Modo has transformed my life in wondrous ways. Before Modo a couple of winters ago, I took an unsettling banana-slip fall during one of our ice-capade episodes in Portland. Happily, I did not break anything. Looking back on it, I see that it was the perfect metaphor for how off-center, unbalanced, heavy with anxiety and depression I'd become. I couldn't balance on one foot to put my shoes or socks on without leaning against a wall. I'd gained 50 pounds over the course of a few trying years. My energy was low and quite honestly, I didn't recognize myself anymore. Through my practice at Modo, everything has changed - I'm lighter in spirit and body, stronger and more flexible than I've ever been in my entire life, and most poignantly, my yoga practice has calmed the jangles of anxiety and re-calibrated my ability to experience peace, calm, and regard for myself and my world. Words fail here. Modo has given me a place to meet myself on my mat with steadiness, compassion, and equilibrium. I do believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. My Modo teachers have been my guiding pillars, teaching, assisting, nurturing my growth and encouraging me every pose on the way. The warmth of the studio, the teachers, the community of fellow yogis at Modo inspire me every day to stay curious and present. Thank you from the bigness of my heart, Modo Yoga!


Bring Your own:
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Mat (rental also available)
  • Towel
  • Breathable clothes to sweat in
  • Lock for valuables (rental also available)
Heads Up:
  • We rent mats and towels
  • Small lockers available
  • We have showers
  • Late comers not permitted. Arrive 10 minutes early
  • If you need anything, just ask!


Teacher Training

Our teacher training is for anyone who is looking to deepen and expand their yoga practice, live and learn in community, have tons of fun and become a 500 hour certified yoga teacher.

Join a community of leaders seeking to create and facilitate positive change in the world, on and off the mat.


Share Your Good Vibes and Get Free Yoga

Inspired by our Be Accessible Pillar, our Energy Exchange program gives students the opportunity to deepen their yoga practice, regardless of their financial situation.

Energy Exchangers (EE’s) are an integral part of our studio family – their passion and dedication is what makes our community so special. In exchange for working one 4-hour shift per week, either cleaning the studio or participating in brand ambassador activities in the community, EE’s will receive unlimited yoga and lots of other perks!

Want to become a bigger part of our community in exchange for free yoga? Have 4 hours a week to spare? Our Energy Exchange program is for you!

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