Studio Owner / Teacher / Student

Brandon is a man of authenticity and integrity. He is just one of those people that inspires you to show up in your most genuine light just by being in his presence. As a leader in our community Brandon holds space for personal evolution on the mat and off teaching from a place of humble experience from his life. Brandon has deep respect for his yoga teachers that have passed down the lineage and teachings and has studied with the likes of Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson, Dina T, Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane. He completed his Modo Yoga Teacher training in February 2013 and since then has committed his journey to a life of studentship making his classes rich in humble teachings from his own experience, knowledge of the body and accessible modifications to gain access to action in the body.

Some words from Brandon:

I grew up in a small community in Manitoba, Canada 1500 people small… all I knew was hockey, football, and golf. I was taught how to stay fit in the most basic way. It wasn’t until I turned 32 that I found yoga. By then I had given up on hockey and football, started snowboarding and weightlifting, and still continue to golf. At this point I was bulky, very stiff and sore. It was the perfect time for yoga to come into my life.

The first yoga class I took was mind blowing… the heat, the intensity, and the focus on the breath. Having asthma I have always struggled with breathing, but after a few classes it got deeper and smoother. I was hooked!

The more I went, the more I learned about the body and how to move with breath. To be able to take my yoga off the mat into my everyday life inspired me to take my teacher training. Sharing my ever-expanding knowledge with others inspires me to be a better person and to always grow.

Brandon is a family man and can often be found adventuring through the PNW with his wife; Kylie, their daughter; Malaya and pup; Marley. Committed to living a life of depth Brandon prefers the simple pleasures in life; moving his body daily, exceptional tasting coffee and quality time with his family.

Brandon’s class is best experienced first hand and is hard to capture in words. His commitment to make yoga accessible for everyone brings out a passion for the continued journey of practice within his students. In Brandon’s class you can find yourself surrounded with the support of blocks and straps while laughing and crying in the practice and falling in love with simple movements that make life worth living.