Specialized Modo Teacher / Student

I grew up in the prairies of Alberta, Canada where watching the sunset, jumping in lakes, and living with nature was a way of life. Now I’m a mother to two sweet girls; Malaya and Nova Grace. It feels like nothing, and everything, has changed. I continue to chase sunsets and jump in lakes, but now it’s either in Kelowna where my parents, Trish and Randy, live or in Seattle at Green Lake where my husband, Brandon, and my two girls ( Malaya and Nova) and I call home.

I own Modo Yoga Kelowna with my husband, Brandon, and parents, Trish and Randy, and Modo Yoga Seattle with Brandon. These studio spaces and relationships are no doubt among the most precious gifts in life. They teach me unconditional love, the power of the pause, the importance of boundaries, and reflect back to me the limitless potential that lives within me as I witness their growth. We have gone through seasons where we thrive and are filled with joy, and we have journeyed through seasons where we have faced the darkest of days. The best part of it all is that it has shaped me into the human that I am today.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

Although we live in Seattle, I believe home is a feeling in the heart and not a place in the world. When we land back in Kelowna every couple of months, it’s such a gift to dive right into the flow of the MYK community. 

My daily yoga practice is my medicine and it shifts through the seasons of my life. After completing my 500 hour Modo Yoga Teacher training in Toronto in 2008, I mentored under Angela Zawada at Modo Yoga Edmonton where I fell in love with the path of studentship and learned the importance of passing along the wisdom and tools through teacher development. When I found my love for practice, I knew that I wanted to spend the rest of my life diving into my potential through commitment to my practice on my mat and then applying the lessons to my life.  This knowing led me to opening Modo Yoga Kelowna in 2011. MYK became a space where anyone could come to to explore their fullest potential. After a weekend adventure in Seattle in 2012, I knew that Seattle would soon become the home for Modo Yoga Seattle. MYS opened its doors in 2014 and the community has been blazing a trail of peace through the city ever since. One of my most treasured teachings is, “If it doesn’t challenge, you it doesn’t change you,” so the next four years of my life humbled and polished me in a way that my soul had been craving. I’ll save the story for a conversation in the lobby, so feel free to ask me about it if you’re curious! Holding space for the humans that walk through the doors of the studios is one of my greatest honors this lifetime.

My personal practice fuels my ability to hold the space for the unfolding growth of the communities. There is no doubt that my meditation practice has been the most influential practice and creates peace and grounding allowing me to be as present as possible for my family and the community. I want to look back 20 years from now and say that my girls didn’t grow up too fast. I am open to the tools and practices that will invite me into the moment again and again. Brandon, my husband, and my two girls, Malaya and Nova Grace, remind me that presence is possible in every moment and that Grace is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. The girls share the middle name Grace so they can remember that Grace is always in them to offer to themselves and the world.

It’s through the guidance of my teachers that I continue to dive into the infinite possibilities of this ancient lineage and my potential. My gratitude for my teachers for their time, wisdom, and energy is limitless just as is this practice.  To Brandon Sutton, Malaya and Nova Grace, Trish and Randy Crick, Ted Grand, Jessica Robertson, Dina T, Angela Zawada, Ryan Leier, Baron Baptiste, Bernie Clark, Nicki Doane, Eddi Modestini, Rob and Melissa Lundsgaard ~ I humbly bow with gratitude. 

My traditional training is in Modo, Modo Flow, Yin, Aerial Yoga, Powerflow, Yang Yin, Prenatal and Restorative yoga. I’m passionate about the foundational elements on the mat that will create a sustainable platform for continual evolution in the physical realm so that my classes are accessible for all levels. Throughout my classes you will practice Pranayama, Meditation, Chanting and Asana. I will encourage you to move through your edges into infinite space of possibility. I’m stoked to share from my experiences and the wisdom that has been passed on from my teachers.