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Hayley Walkden


Hayley has always had an interest in human health. As a young gymnast she learned that the body can be injured in various ways and that you must take care of it in order for it to function optimally. This fascination with the physical body lead her too seek out as much knowledge has she could from her academic studies. Hayley started practicing yoga while attending Queen’s university and it clarified for her that health is multi-dimensional; she loved that she felt refreshed and free from the inside out after a yoga practice. Yoga turned out to be a huge transforming and informative force in her life. It was a key element in guiding her into the chiropractic profession, where today she is in her clinic year at CMCC. Yoga has taught Hayley that you always have more freedom than you think, that your intention is sometimes more important than your action, and that you should work at planting positive seeds of thought with everything you do.