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Waiting Lists

We understand that waiting lists can feel frustrating at times, but you must trust the process! Space almost always opens up — usually, not until the same day as class. Be prepared, and make sure you cancel your waiting list reservation at least 24 hours in advance if you can’t make it after all — otherwise, you could lose a class or be charged a fee. Make sure you have an active payment on your account for every wait list spot you reserve — if your spot is unpaid and room on the waiting list opens up, your place can’t be guaranteed until paid for.

Cancellation Policy

Capacity is limited during the pandemic. Make sure you pre-register early and be courteous

cancel your spot at least


if you can’t make it, so someone else can come to class.

Short Notice Policy of 3 hrs.

Last-minute things come up.

For these times, we have a short notice policy of cancelling 3 hrs before class.

Penalty fees for late-cancels & no-shows

Late Cancellation: Canceling reservation less than 3 hrs before class

No Show: You do not show up to class.

Penalty Fee:

  • Members and Unlimited packages (including Intro Special): Charged a $10 penalty fee
  • Class card & drop-in students: 1 class will be used

We must give our late-cancel and no-show policy some teeth as some students have not respected them, which is unfair to our community and the studio.  For most of our community, the new penalty fee has no impact, as most of you cancel your reservations within 24 hrs. To not have any penalty fees….You can cancel your reservation up to 3 hours before class without penalty.



TIP: Turn on your text alerts! This is the best way to confirm your spot, it’s automatic. If you answer the text, you do not need to respond to the email. We love hearing from you, but when you confirm by email, your reservation has to be updated manually. Text confirmations are instant and ensure that you won’t lose your spot.

Minimum age policy for hot yoga at Modo Yoga West Island

In order to respect our insurance policy and to ensure everyone’s safety, the following are approved of 1 hour hot yoga classes:

-16 years old and up unaccompanied

– 14 and 15 years old accompanied by an adult (parent or guardian).

– yogis 13 years old and younger could use our online kids classes, or consider attending non heated kids classes when they are available.

Payment & registration


  • Taxes are not included in advertised prices.
  • We accept payment by cash, debit, Visa and MasterCard (we also accept Visa Debit for in-studio purchases only – our online card processor doesn’t support this payment method).
  • Receipts will be issued via email upon request. Please inform the teacher/desk staff at the time of purchase if you would like one.
  • All membership fees are non-refundable, non-shareable and non-transferable.
  • Student & Senior Prices (Senior 65 years old and more): We offer student and senior discounts on certain packages in-studio only. Proof of current student status or personal ID with birth year must be presented in order to receive these discounts.


  • While it is not always necessary, we advise online pre-registration for all classes and workshops in order to secure the student’s spot.
  • We do not take pre-registrations by phone or email. Students can create their online account.
    • Students experiencing issues with their online account can send us a detailed description of the problem and we’ll try to squash those bugs!
  • Students must arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before the class start time in order to retain their spot. If there is a waiting list, we will begin liberating reserved spots at this point and no refunds will be issued.
  • If a student has registered for a class, but is unable to make it, they must cancel their booking no later than 3 hours prior to class start time.
    • Class Cards: Cancelled classes will be returned to the student’s class card if made more than 3 hours prior to class. Otherwise, the class will be lost.
    • Unlimited memberships: will be charged a 10$ no show fee.


Our Introductory Offer

  • The introductory offer is only valid for new students who have never taken a class at Modo Yoga West Island.
  • Introductory offer packages cannot be suspended, extended, refunded, shared, transferred.

Class Cards

  • ACTIVATION DATE: Your Credit Package Name activates on Agreement Date.This pass can be used at West Island for IN-STUDIO and OUTDOOR classes. This pass is non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • EXPIRATION DATE: Class cards have no expiration date.
  • CONDITIONS: The (Credit Package Name) has no holds, extensions, or transfers. If it is not used within two years or more, an ADJUSTMENT FEE may apply for any remaining classes, equal to the difference between your initial purchase price and the current rate.
  • GUEST INTRO PASSES: To help you create your yoga community, introduce your friends to yoga for free.  You have unlimited Guest Intro Passes available.  Guest Intro Passes are for people who have never been to the studio or have not attended class in over a year. Email us at Location Email to reserve.
  • Class cards cannot be refunded, shared, or transferred.
  • For promotional-priced class cards – if the card expires before all classes have been used, we reserve the right to charge the difference in cost between the promotional card and a non-discounted class card with an equal number of sessions.

Unlimited packages

  • Available options: unlimited packages (this section does not address other promotional unlimited packages, such as the Introductory Offer, or the 30-Day Challenge).
  • Unlimited packages are valid from date of the student’s first class on that package.
  • Unlimited packages include almost every class on our schedules, with the exception of $5 Karma classes, for which all proceeds are donated to charity and any classes added that require extra fees. 
  • Unlimited packages can be suspended under certain conditions like medical reasons etc. All suspension requests must be made here prior to the suspension dates


MYM Monthly Unlimited Auto-Renew Memberships

  • Payment for this package must be made by credit card (Visa / MC).
    • The Member’s credit card will be charged on a monthly basis.
  • The Membership is non-refundable, non-shareable and non-transferable.
  • Cancellations & Suspensions are available to students on the MYM program.
    • Delay: we require a minimum of 10 business days to process suspensions and cancellations. Please note that if you send your request with less notice, we may not be able to prevent your upcoming payment and it will not be refunded.
    • Suspensions are available for a maximum of once per year and 3 consecutive weeks, and can be requested here.
      • Suspensions pause the paid-for month. If the suspension is made part-way through the month, the remainder of the paid-for month will be available to the student upon their return before the next pre-authorized payment is made. Please note that suspensions will likely change the student’s monthly payment date.
    • Memberships can be cancelled here 



  • Pre-registration is required for workshops.
  • All workshops must be paid in full before the day of the event. Unpaid registrations risk being removed from the workshop without notice if it becomes full.
  • Workshop cancellation requests must be received via email a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the workshop.
  • Workshop registration fees are not refundable.
  • Late arrivals will not be permitted to enter workshops more than 15 minutes after the beginning of the workshop. No refunds will be issued in this case.


  • Periodically, promotions will be emailed to our students and/or advertised via social media. Typically these promotions are available for a short duration.
  • Once the stated deadline for purchase is over, we are no longer able to honour the promotion.
  • If you purchase a promotional class card, it will have an expiration date. If the class card expires before all classes have been used, you may pay the difference in cost between the promotional price and the current price (non discounted price) and then use the remainder of the card.

Storage Onsite and Lost & Found

  • Modo Yoga West Island does not provide space for students to store their personal belongings or their mat. We reserve the right to cut locks that have been left on lockers overnight.
  • Modo Yoga West Island is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings. Students concerned about their personal effects can secure them in a locker during their practice and must bring their own lock.
  • Shoes and boots: Yoga brain happens! Sometimes students accidentally leave with someone else’s footwear that is similar to their own. Please note in these situations, we will do our best to help recover the mixed-up item but can not contact everyone present in class that day to do so. Typically we simply let our teachers and staff know to be on the lookout. We encourage students to use the footwear identification method provided at the studio to avoid this and mark your shoes, boots, sandals!
  • Any personal items that are found in the studio will be lovingly placed in our Lost & Found.
  • Unclaimed Lost & Found items are donated to charity after 30 days.